1. Welcome

    2. Agenda

    3. Help

    4. What's Included?

    5. System Requirements

    6. Computer Hardware Considerations

    7. Welcome Transcript

    1. Menu Bar

    2. Tool Bar

    3. Project Tree

    4. Chapter 1 Transcript

    1. Starting A Project

    2. Map Layers

    3. Geographic Data

    4. Tile Selector

    5. Tile Selector Article

    6. Pointing To Data

    7. MapSync

    8. MapSync

    9. MapSync Article

    10. Geographic database size

    11. Other Data

    12. Chapter 2 Transcript

    1. Propagation Model

    2. Types of Propagation Models

    3. Clutter Loss Options Article

    4. Fading

    5. Propagation Model Considerations

    6. Chapter 3 Transcript

    1. Transmitter/base/hub/router sites

    2. Spreadsheet Editor

    3. Mobile/remote unit

    4. Profile Sampling Rate

    5. Area Of Interest

    6. Chapter 4 Transcript

    1. Area Study

    2. Acceptable levels

    3. Creating Measurement/Drive Test Files for EDX

    4. Downlink / Uplink Reciprocity, Area study performance, and speeding up multipoint studies

    5. How To Set Up Multipoint Studies For Faster Run Times

    6. Chapter 5 Transcript

The Beginner course is designed to give new users a solid understanding of SignalPro and other EDX solutions. By the end of the course, a user will be able to create projects and project templates, import and manage radio equipment, choose appropriate propagation mode settings, run studies, and query/export study information.

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