1. Welcome

    2. Agenda

    3. Help


    5. Welcome Transcript

    1. Setup

    2. Workflow

    3. Overview Transcript

    1. Creating the Environment To Model

    2. Drawing A Building

    3. Building Editor Overview

    4. Import with Image Overlay

    5. Importing DWG Files

    6. Building Editor: Tips

    7. Editing The Drawing

    8. Import with Floor Plan Converter

    9. Environment Transcript

    1. Propagation Models

    2. DAS Transmitter Template

    3. Accessing the DAS Module

    4. Setup Transcript

    1. DAS Toolbar

    2. DAS Equipment

    3. Setup and Verification

    4. Link Budget

    5. Area Studies

    6. Optimization

    7. Bill Of Materials

    8. Survey

    9. DAS Design Transcript

Participants will learn basic project setup in EDX’s DAS Design solution and how to run studies. Upon completion of the course, engineers will have the ability to create an indoor DAS design as well as understand the features and capabilities available.

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